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Google Nexus 7 now available in France, Germany and Spain

Google has expanded the availability of their Nexus 7 tablets to three additional markets. Users in France, Germany and Spain will now be able to purchase the Nexus 7 from the Google Play Store.

The 8GB model is priced at €199 ($249) and the 16GB model is priced at €249 ($312), which, as you can see, is a bit higher than what it costs in the US. Also, it doesn’t seem like you will get any extra credit, such as the $25 you get in the US. (Turns out you do get €20 as store credit in Europe). Lastly, the Play Store in these other countries also doesn’t have some of the contents such as magazines that you will find in its American counterpart.

Despite that, these are still good prices and many people will be glad that they now have the option of purchasing the tablet officially, extra credit be damned. Hopefully, Google will expand to other markets shortly.



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