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Google Maps for Android update adds Maps search history sharing, smooth one-finger zoom

Google Maps for Android just received a new update with two key improvements. The first extends the amount of info shared between your desktop computer and your Android device – the web history option enables it to access your desktop Google Maps searches. The other update is a cool one-hand zoom method.

After the update, Google Maps for Android can access your search and direction history. So, if you looked up some place on the computer, you can easily find its info again on your phone as it will auto-suggest it as you start typing.

The other change is one-finger zoom – it’s similar to double-tap zoom, but instead of lifting your finger after the second tap, you keep it pressed down. Now you can move up to zoom in and down to zoom out, which gives you smooth zooming just like pinch zoom does (but can be easier to do in some situations).



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