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Google has launched a dedicated PDF viewer on Android

Google PDF Viewer is the latest addition to what can definitely be considered Google’s office suite for Android. The application is, like the name suggests, nothing more than a lightweight PDF viewer. Now, you might be saying to yourself – “Why would I need that, Google Drive has one built-in”. And you would be absolutely true. But there is still a reason for the app to exist and a very good one.

You might remember, that a few days ago we reported on one of Google’s new Android endeavors – Android for Work. The project’s goal is to make your personal Android device much more organized and convenient to use both for work and outside the office. The idea is to have a separate set of applications that are dedicated to your business and are separate from your main apps. This, of course, means that Google has to begin launching a new set of productivity apps, which appear to mirror existing functionality, hence the Google PDF viewer.

We are interested to see where the tech giant takes this new idea, especially considering the impressive partner network it has assembled to collaborate on the idea, including such names as SAP, BlackBerry, Citrix, Adobe, Box, and Cisco, as well as mobile brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, to mention a few.

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