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Google introduces Project Tango

Google is introducing an innovative and quite frankly, ambitious new project: Tango.

With Project Tango you will be able to, with your phone, capture accurate 3D models of objects, rooms, and interiors. The possibilities for Tango are many.

Some of the uses for the newest innovation from Google are the ability to measure your home before you go furniture shopping, helping people who are blind or visually impaired better navigate the interiors of buildings, or just navigating large indoor complexes themselves.

There are even possibilities for gaming with Tango; Google suggests that you can hide “virtual treasures” and create fantasy virtual environments, turning your home into a maze, through the scope of your phone of course.

That brings us to the hardware of the device. Google is offering 200 unit 5” display Tango development units beginning March 14th (no other information is known yet). If you’re a hopeful developer, click the source link below and fill out the form.

Google was also keen to mention in their release that Tango is not a part of Android yet, but it will be interesting to see what developers will be able to create with the 3D scanning software. Anyone here excited for Tango?



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