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Google introduces Chrome Apps for Chrome OS and Windows

Google has introduced Chrome Apps for those using Chrome OS or Windows computers. Unlike the apps that you had for Chrome until now that always ran within the browser itself and in some cases were nothing but bookmarks for websites, the new Chrome apps run outside the browser and are full fledged applications.

For Windows users this may not be a big deal since you could always run native apps on the OS but for Chrome OS users this means they are no longer restricted to running apps within the browser window. You can now go to the Chrome Store and choose from a selection of new desktop apps, which are then installed in a folder on your taskbar. You can then run these independently of the browser.

The new Chrome Apps behave like traditional native desktop apps, wherein you can run them in offline mode and run full screen without the browser window.

There are only a few of these new desktop apps available as of now, including the likes of Pocket, Any.DO, PLEX, WeatherBug, Wunderlist, Pixlr Touch Up and a few games such as Entanglement, Spelunky and Cracking Sands Racing. You’ll see them marked in a new category on the side on the Chrome Store.

The new Chrome Apps are available on Windows and Chrome OS and will be arriving on Mac and Linux soon.



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