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Google+ hits 50 million users, adds CityVille to its arsenal

Recently, there were rumors that Google+ is starting to lose its inertia and that users are leaving the social network rather than joining it. As it turns out, those were hugely exaggerated as the Google social network now has over 50 million users.

That’s 50 million people that registered in the 88 days since the network launched. A really impressive achievement, considering that Google+ was invite-only since last week. To put things in perspective, Facebook took almost four year to get that many users, while Twitter achieved it in three years.

And not only isn’t the growth slowing down, but it’s actually speeding up. Since registration was opened to everyone, there are 2 million new registrations per day. At that rate Google+ members will double in the next month and a half.

To celebrate the milestone Google+ introduced a new game to its users. Zynga’s CityVille is a huge success on Facebook and now its developers hope to replicate the success on the Google network.

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