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Google adds North Korea detailed coverage to its Maps service

Google Maps can now show you detailed maps of North Korea – both road maps and satellite view. This is something I never thought I’d see so soon.

This happens shortly after Eric Schmidt returned from his visit to North Korea.

According to Google: “To build this map, a community of citizen cartographers came together in Google Map Maker to make their contributions such as adding road names and points of interest. This effort has been active in Map Maker for a few years…”

Only few North Koreans will probably enjoy this addition to Google Maps since the internet access is highly restricted in the country (as is the access to computers too). But South Koreans are already welcoming this, especially those whose families were separated since the Korean War.

I’m quite curious what the North Korea officials think of this and if they are okay with the whole world having a window to the country.

P.S. Notice the huge roads with no cars on them. It’s because the people can’t afford them and also because the few people that are allowed to drive are mostly government officials.



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