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Google Goggles updated, search-everything-you-shoot feature added

Google has just announced a new version of their Goggles app for initiating searches with camera photos. Version 1.6 brings a cool new opt-in feature, which works in background to analyze every image you take and gives you notifications of anything it recognizes in it.

So now you don’t actually need to start the app and then shoot something to start a search – you just run the camera as usual and your Android smartphone will inform you if there’s anything recognizable in your photos. You can then either do a Google search to find out more about it, or just dismiss it and continue as usual.

It all seems much simpler this way, but since the feature is opt-in you may turn it off if you like.

You can download the new version of Google Goggles from the Android market on your cell phone, or from the web site of the app repository.

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