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Google Glass to hit retail in 2014, let you take photos with a wink

Google has given Glass sets to a select few and hasn’t really revealed much about its market availability thus far.

Speaking to Radio 4 Eric Schmidt has finally confirmed that Google Glass will hit the retail shelves next year (that narrows it down) but hasn’t said anything about pricing. A number of developers have been given the option to pre-order Glass at the staggering $1500, but that doesn’t look likely as final pricing.

On a related note, Reddit user Fodawim has discovered code in the Google Glass companion app, which reveals that Glass will allow you to take pictures by winking and zoom in and out by performing an air pinch in front of Glass.

There could also be cool stuff like calibrating Glass to register eye movement and setting said movement as gestures. There will also be a guest mode for occasions where you hand Glass over to someone for a quick spin.

Google is hoping to keep Glass under wraps during testing and has banned re-selling or giving away Glass and can even remotely kill Glass if it feels the product has fallen into the wrong hands.

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