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Google cracks down on dubious in-app ad practices

Have you ever used a free application in Android, and then found yourself clicking on an ad in the app, even though you could have sworn you never touched the foul pop-up?

Well that’s because there are some applications that give you the illusion of choice when it comes to not selecting an ad; they register any press on the screen as an ad-click. Google wants to put an end to that and other tricky in-app add practices.

Google has laid out some new rules for Google Play applications that specifically call out this kind of application behavior. They are also laying the smack down on “promotion or install tactics” by halting undesired downloads, redirects to the Google Play store, and unsolicited SMS advertisements.

Also banned from the Play store under the new guidelines are advertisements that use “erotic content” to promote porn. Google has also called for more clearly defined behaviors as to when and how developers use their in-app purchases.

Developers who are not compliant with Google’s new rules have 15 days to clean up their acts, or else Google will pull their guilty applications from the Play Store. Do you think that there is anything Google can do to make a significant dent in the number of shady applications on the Play Store? Or do you think it’s a losing battle? Sound off in the comments!

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