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Google Contacts wants to (eventually) be your online address book

Google’s social network may not be doing so well, but the company hasn’t given up on connecting people. The latest venture is Google Contacts – an online address book. It’s still in the preview stages but you can try it out today (unless you are a Google Apps user).

Contacts pools together info from your phone’s contact list and your contacts’ Google profiles.

This way their info stays up to date as they change jobs or move to a city, without you having to update it manually. Contacts will also display recent emails and shared meetings between you and each person in the address book, so conversation can just continue from where you left off.

There’s also a tool to find and remove duplicate contacts, in case you’ve added someone more than once.

You can preview Google Contacts right now. One thing I found is that there’s no clear distinction between emails and Hangout messages.



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