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Chrome passed Firefox in desktop browser market share last month

Google’s desktop Web browser has inched past Firefox in market share calculated for June 2014 by Net Applications. Chrome went from 17.7% in May to 19.3% last month.

That said, Internet Explorer still reigns supreme according to this particular data set, hovering above its competitors with a whopping 58.3% market share in June.

Chrome was up to 17.1% in June 2013, after which point it lost some market share, only to get it back and actually start making advances again this May. On the other hand, over the past year Firefox has pretty consistently managed to lose market share one month after another.

If you want to look at specific browser versions, leading the pack in June 2014 is IE8, with 21.2% of all traffic, followed by IE11 with 17%, and Chrome 35 with 12.5%.

All of this information should be put into context, though. That’s because another company that tracks these things, namely StatCounter, has had Chrome as the No.1 browser (yes, even above IE) for quite a while now.

The huge differences in reported market share numbers are down to each individual tracker’s methods of determining Web traffic data. Net Applications, for example (which is the source of today’s information), counts unique visitors (to websites) per day, and not pageviews. It’s also got a stronger presence in some countries compared to its competitors.

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