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Google celebrates April Fool’s Day in its usual style

Google is known for celebrating April Fool’s Day every year with a bunch of hoaxes that often involve launching fake new products or canceling existing ones.

This year, it’s Google Nose (Beta). Called ‘the new scentsation in search’, Google Nose will let you search for things by smell. You can search for things such as a wet dog or car exhaust and you get the smell, images and description from Google’s Aromabase. You will even get a list of recommendations from ‘People who sniffed’. And SafeSearch lets you not smell things you are not sure of.

Next in Google’s list of pranks is shutting down YouTube. Turns out, YouTube was always meant to be a contest to find out who can upload the best video on the internet. And now, the site is shutting down, after which will begin the process of finding out who uploaded the best video, with the results being announced on April 1, 2023.

Unfortunately, Google Reader shutting down was not a joke. That’s still real.

Want to go treasure hunting with your buddies? This new Google Treasure Map is just what you need. You can actually switch to the treasure map mode on the web version of Google Maps. Best part is, it’s still more detailed than Apple Maps.

Lastly, tired of seeing the same old Gmail? Presenting, Gmail Blue.

These are just some of the pranks from Google this year. You can find more in the link below.



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