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Google, Apple, and other tech companies make $324m anti-trust settlement

Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe all found themselves wrapped up in an anti-trust lawsuit that will have them forking over $324m in damages from former employees.

The basis of the lawsuit brought against the aforementioned companies was that they made agreements that they would not hire employees who previously worked from the other companies. For example, an ex Adobe employee wouldn’t be able to secure a job at Google, an ex Apple employee with Intel and so on and so forth.

The lawsuits placed against Adobe, Intel, Apple, and Google provided some pretty strong evidence that more or less proved that they were all guilty of collusion in Anti-Trust laws: a number of emails between Steve Jobs himself and various other executives from the companies prove that they were putting a stop to hiring from eachother’s employee pools

All the companies involved in the lawsuit shelled out a combined $324 million, $100 million of that came out of Apple’s pockets, as they were the largest company involved in the lawsuit.

Disney and Intuit Inc. were also forking over cash in the settlement; $9 and $11 million respectively. However, the deal still needs to be approved by judge Sandy Koh in San Jose, CA, before it takes full effect.

Anyone surprised that the companies engage in anti-trust behavior? Or are you just surprised that these big companies got caught?

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