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Google announces Project Glass, lets you peek into the future

File it in under unlikely to happen soon, but the Project Glass that Google just unveiled is one of the most exciting pieces of technology we have seen recently. Started by a group of Google employees, the project aims to make organizing your daily routines and sharing stuff with your friends as easier than it has even been.

Forget about using smartphones – all you need is a futuristic looking band on your head, your voice and Internet connectivity. We’ll let the following video do the rest of the talking as we don’t think words can do the promised experience justice.

Naturally, the project is some way off market availability (if it comes to that at all), but the guys and gals behind it wanted to share it with you now, so they can get some valuable feedback, which should be used to improve it.

Call us overexcited, but if the Project Glass really comes to life, it might bring the greatest change to our everyday lives since the Internet came around. Here’s hoping!

Alternatively, you might want to look at the ironic side of things – the first parody video just surfaced and it’s at least as much fun as the Project Glass is cool

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