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Google announces improved Image Search

Google has announced a new version of their Image Search service. The changes are specifically targeted at improving the time required to find and download images.

Previously, clicking on a thumbnail in the Image Search results would load a silly iframe where the selected image was floating on top of the source page. This considerably increased the time required to access the image as the browser would be loading the image as well as the source page simultaneously. What Google has done now with the new Image Search is eliminate the iframe page altogether and display the image directly within the search results.

Now, when you click on a thumbnail, you will get a drop down showing the image along with the metadata for it. On the side you will find links for the original website as well as a direct link to download the image. Because the image loads within the search results, you can continue scrolling for other images without having to go back a page. You can also use keyboard controls to move between the images in the search results.

This new Image Search will begin rolling out to users in the next few days.



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