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Google and Facebook are leaders in the US smartphone usage game

Yesterday we brought you comScore’s breakdown of the smartphone OS distribution in the US and today we’re bringing you the mobile app and mobile browsing usage.

According to the firm’s research users in the US are mostly accessing on Google and Facebook through their smartphones. Google takes the top spot with a huge 88.0%, while Facebook is close in second with 84.4%.

In third comes Yahoo with 77.9% followed by Amazon (65.3%), after which it turns into a nail-bitter of a fight between Apple (49.6%), AOL (49.5%), Pandora (48.5%) and finally Microsoft sites in the 8th position with 48.1%.

That’s browsing and as for app usage things look a little different. For one Facebook takes the lead with 75.5% way in front of Google Play’s 54.0%. Goole Search (where Google Now lives) is located in third with 52.2% besting Pandora Radio, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Interestingly, Facebook Messenger falls way behind its counterpart app with a lowly 19.0% usage share.

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