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Google and ASUS provide money back for 16GB Nexus 7 buyers in the US

If you bought a 16GB Nexus 7 in the US 15 days after it received a price drop, you are in luck. According to Google’s Price Protection policy, if you purchased the 16GB model 15 days after the price cut was announced, that is on October 14, then Google will refund the price difference to you ($50). Unfortunately, no such offer is available to those who purchased the 8GB model.

Meanwhile, ASUS also has its own scheme going on for buyers in Europe who purchased the tablet before October 29. If you are one of the eligible buyers, you will get a €30 (or ₤25 in the UK) voucher, that you can use on ASUS’s online store. ASUS hasn’t mentioned any particular model, so it is apparently available on both the 8GB and 16GB variants.



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