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Going to play Battlefield 3 on a console? Then you better get the HD texture pack.

Just one more day is left for the arrival of the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 for PC and consoles. The main reason why the game has drawn so much attention is because of its graphics, which seem to be pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in games, in a way no game has done since the original Crysis came out four years ago.

From what I can tell, it is going to be the best looking game on the PC. But what if you have a console? Well, EA has an optional HD texture pack for you which will bump up the texture quality to make the game look almost as good as the PC version. But from what I can see from screenshots, this HD texture pack seems more mandatory than optional.

If you look at the screenshots below, you’ll see that without the HD texture pack the game is missing a great chunk of detail in the environment. This may not be immediately noticeable and you’ll be blissfully unaware if you never seen the difference with the HD texture pack enabled. But now that you have you won’t be able to unsee it.

Battlefield 3 HD Texture PackBattlefield 3 HD Texture PackBattlefield 3 HD Texture PackBattlefield 3 HD Texture Pack

My recommendation would be to go for the HD texture pack if you’re buying this game on the console. It’s a hefty 1.5GB download but looking at the amount of detail it is adding it will be well worth the bandwidth and hard drive space you’ll sacrifice for it.



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