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Glympse location sharing app gets more car-friendly with a car mode and MirrorLink integration

Glymspe has released a new application today, which is meant to simplify the usage of the location sharing service within vehicles. The new application is essentially an add-on to the main app and provides a new simplified dashboard interface as well as MirrorLink compatibility.

If you are unfamiliar with what Glympse does, it is basically a very user-intuitive location sharing service. It is meant to quickly tell your contacts where you are and when you are arriving all in a very simple manner.

To do so, you just fire up the app, select a contact and a period for active location tracking and simply hit send. The recipient will then receive a link where he or she can track you current whereabouts until the period you specified expires.

The service definitely saves a lot of time and it makes a lot of sense to use it while you are driving. The only problem with that is that a traditional smartphone interface is often tricky to maneuver, not to mention dangerous while behind the wheel. The new Glympse for Auto solves this problem. It essentially draws data and functionality from the main application, which naturally must also be present on the phone, and presents it in a very simple interface with big buttons.

To further simplify the user experience, the app now offers MirrorLink compatibility with VW and Peugeot cars. MirrorLink is currently the most popular industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity. What it basically does is mirror your device’s screen on to a compatible dashboard display with all the touch input transferred as well.

The Glympse team says that their software is already accessible to a total of 10 auto brand worldwide and full compatibility with any MirrorLink-enabled car is coming in the near future.

Both the Glympse main app and the new car add-on are currently available for free on the Google Play store, so you can head on over right now and ensure there will be no more annoying “Where are you?” conversations while you’re driving.

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