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Gameloft releases trailer for Blitz Brigade, coming soon to iOS and Android

Looks like someone at Gameloft left their scanner on again and out comes another clone of a popular game. Called the Blitz Brigade, Gameloft has now turned to Valve’s highly popular Team Fortress 2 as a source of inspiration for their next game.

The company has released a trailer for this game, which, although does not show any in-game footage, does show two teams of red and blue color battling it out over a large open map. It also shows just how similar the game looks to Team Fortress 2, including the game characters.

That may not necessarily be a bad thing. After all, Team Fortress 2 is one of the best games of all time and Gameloft does have a knack for churning out enjoyable games. Still, it would be nice if for once Gameloft released a major title that wasn’t based off of existing console or PC games.


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