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Galaxy on Fire 2 free for Nvidia Tegra devices, we wonder what Nvidia is up to

Good news for those with Nvidia Tegra based Android devices. Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is now available for you to download free of cost from the Android Market. This is the special version for Nvidia Tegra devices but there is also a version for other devices which is paid.

Now Galaxy on Fire is a gorgeous looking game and I’m glad for all the Tegra based device owners. But I can see a trend starting here that worries me a bit. We are seeing more and more games optimized for Nvidia hadrware on mobile, which is great for owners of that hardware but not for others. These games aren’t perfectly optimized for other hardware and at times don’t work at all. This makes me wonder whether Nvidia is trying to monopolize the mobile gaming scene the way they did in PC gaming. More and more PC games started coming out that were optimized for Nvidia GPU and hence didn’t work to the full potential of the hardware on ATi GPU.

If that’s the case then soon all the good games will be optimized for Tegra and then that will have to be the platform of choice if you want to game even if there are better phones on other platforms. It won’t do any good to Android’s reputation of being a fragmented platform either. I hope that doesn’t happen though. I hope it’s all just in my head.



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