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Galaxy Note 4 goes through the bend test

In case you are not aware, the whole iPhone ‘Bendgate’ controversy was started when YouTuber Unbox Therapy bent an iPhone 6 Plus into a boomerang on video using just his hands. This sparked a lot of debate, ranging from the validity of these tests (I say these because everyone else started doing them as well) to the legitimacy of the original video. He later did another video in public where he bent another iPhone 6 Plus out on the street on camera.

Since then, there have been a lot of requests to bend other phones, as most people believe it is possible to bend other phones as well. I’m pretty sure by far the most requests would have been to bend the new Galaxy Note 4 on camera, since it is the iPhone 6 Plus’ closest rival, and Unbox Therapy has finally obliged.

In the video below, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy attempts to bend the Galaxy Note 4. What happens next will blow your mind!!1! (not really).

Unlike the iPhone 6 Plus which has a unibody aluminum design, the Note 4 is made out of multiple parts, even though the sides are metal (which did bent, but only slightly). The extra parts help reinforce the structure against any bending or torque that might be applied to the chassis and prevents it from turning into an LG G Flex. It’s also thicker than the iPhone and likely has more reinforcements on the inside.

So technically, yes, even the Note 4 can be bent a little with enough pressure. Does it matter really? As with the iPhone 6, nope.


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