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Galaxy Note 3 faces the Canon 5D Mark III in video comparison

4K video recording is slowly starting to become a standard feature in high-end Android phones, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will remain the first phone to have this feature. And it wasn’t just a number on the spec sheet but a well executed feature, which is why it’s not surprising to see it being compared to a DSLR.

In this video, the 4K video of the Note 3 was compared to the 1080p video of the Canon 5D Mark III, a highly proficient camera as far as video recording is concerned. The video from the phone was downsized to 1080p for a more fair comparison. Everything else is explained at the beginning of the video.

As you can see in the video, it is clear that the Note 3 has the more sharper video of the two with well defined details. The Canon has the upper hand when it comes to the colors, white balance and dynamic range. Still, overall, it’s easy to see the Note 3 has the better video of the two.

The result of the video was a bit of a surprise for me. Despite the fact that the Note 3 has excellent video recording, I did expect the DSLR to win. The difference between the two is even wider if you consider the Note 3 records in 4K. Of course, if you want to do professional recording, you’d still want to use the DSLR as you’d have much better control over the video with the option to use different lenses but it’s good to see for amateurs the quality of mobile phone cameras is not just good enough now, it is encroaching professional camera territory.

Thanks Farhan for the tip.


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