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Freemium is the future of mobile gaming, says Nick Earl

The freemium payment model, which is often seen in mobile games from several known developers and publishers, is criticized for the in-game item buy-ins. However, Nick Earl, the senior vice president and general manager of EA All Play reveals that freemium is the future of mobile gaming. It is also one of the major features mobile gamers want.

Electronic Arts, one of the popular gaming brands, who offer a wide range of titles for iOS and Android devices have adopted the much criticized freemium structure and have been very successful.

The freemium format, which offers in-game buy-ins after the title is downloaded for free enables gamers to access further content, levels, collectibles, and power-ups. Such in-game upgrades let you progress a lot quicker, and cost you money for obvious reasons. Of course, one can complete the game eventually without having to spend anything, but that would require more effort and time.

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