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For the first time ever Lenovo sells more phones and slates than computers

Lenovo has recently became the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world with a 4.7% market share, just 0.3% less than LG in third. Lenovo’s success doesn’t end with its newly earned fourth place though.

According to the latest earnings report the Chinese company has sold more phones and tablets than personal computers for the first time in its history. If you think the achievement is not that impressive, you should note the fact Lenovo is currently world’s biggest PC manufacturer with 12+ million PCs shipped globally in the last quarter alone.

Lenovo’s Q2 2013 financial report also reveals Lenovo’s made $8.8 billion of revenue and $174 million of profit. It’s a great quarter for Lenovo with a 10% growth of its revenue and 23% increase of its profit compared to the same quarter last year.

Lenovo is a major player at the Chinese market with 42% of its total sales happening there. The Chinese market is also where Lenovo ships 98% of its smartphones.

Well, it seems Lenovo is doing well and is turning some good profits. How about investing some of those in expanding the availability of its smartphones?



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