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Flipboard for Android updated with support for Daydream

Some of you may already know about the new Daydream feature in Android 4.2. For those who don’t, Daydream allows the application to display information on the screen when the device is is idle or docked. Think of it as being the equivalent of the screensaver that we still see on desktop computers. Developers can use this functionality to display relevant information on the screen in an easy to see manner.

The developers of Flipboard have decided to take advantage of this functionality in the latest update to their app. Once enabled, Flipboard will show new items full screen from the feeds you have subscribed to. Sure, it’s going to be a drain on the battery but if you have the tablet docked then it can be quite convenient to see the information at a glance.

Hopefully, more developers start making use of this feature in their apps. And more devices get the Android 4.2 update so people can use this feature.



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