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Fitbit products up for pre-order in India

Yesterday, we reported on Fitbit planning on entering the Indian market with Amazon as its launch partner. The company had said that the products will be up for sale starting July 1.

Amazon has now put up the entire range of Fitbit products for pre-order. The prices for the products are as below.

Fitbit Zip – Rs. 3,990 ($62.75)
Fitbit One – Rs. 6,990 ($110)
Fitbit Flex – Rs. 6,990 $110)
Fitbit Charge – Rs. 9,990 ($157)
Fitbit Charge HR – Rs. 12,990 ($204)
Fitbit Surge – Rs. 19,990 ($314)
Fitbit Aria – Rs. 9,990 ($157)

The products are undoubtedly expensive, even more so compared to their US counterparts, and a heck of a lot more than what most people would be willing to spend on fitness trackers, despite Fitbit’s track record. Hopefully, the prices will drop in a few months or they are going to have a hard time selling them at these prices.



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