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First Galaxy Nexus buyer accidentally gets a developer device, gets it promptly replaced

The first ever buyer of the first every official Ice Cream Sandwich phone was a certain Alex Ioannou in the UK. He seemed rather happy with his purchase in the picture that was tweeted from Samsung UK’s Twitter account.

Unfortunately for him, his happiness was short lived because when he switched on his new Galaxy Nexus, he discovered he had gotten something that he hadn’t really paid for.

Well you see, most Galaxy Nexus greet you with a welcome screen that asks you to set up your phone and enter your Google ID. The one that Ioannou received, however, greeted him with options that would be more at home on a developer device. Realizing that something was obviously off, he went back to the store that sold him the phone and got a replacement, which turned out to be fine.

Now it’s understandable where that developer console came on that phone. The Nexus devices are as much intended for developers as they are for consumers and this was probably one of those ‘meant for developer eyes only’ devices that somehow managed to land up in a consumer electronics shop. However, it is Samsung’s responsibility to keep the two separate. And this mishap would have probably been ignore any other day but this was the launch day for the Galaxy Nexus and the phone in question was the first phone in the world to be sold. Samsung should have ideally pulled all stops to ensure everything went well because at the end of the day it is a premium device. Hopefully, we won’t hear about any more of these in future.



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