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Firmware 4.00 for PlayStation 3 doesn’t close exploit, jailbreaking still an option

Sony recently released firmware 4.00 for its PlayStation 3 console, but some users have been hesitant to apply it as it was still uncertain if it patches the exploit used for the jailbreak. Well, now we know that’s not the case, thanks to a tweet by one of the popular hackers that work on the platform.

“FYI, tested yesterday and the jailbreak still works on 4.0 :) so it’s safe to upgrade (for those on 3.73)” tweeted KaKaRoTo yesterday. So Sony were either unable to fix the exploit with the new release of the console’s firmware, or they couldn’t be bothered to do so.

Either way, if you were waiting for this confirmation before you apply the update, you can now go ahead and enjoy the goodies brought by the latest firmware release without any fear.

Thanks, Haseeb, for sending this in!

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