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Firefox 4 Beta 3 shows off multitouch powers, if only I had something to use it on

Firefox 4 Beta 3 came out yesterday and it can do some really cool stuff. Here’s something you probably didn’t expect – it can do multitouch…

Actually, the multi-touch feature has been worked on since last August, there’s even a demo running on Firefox 3.7. Not that we ever got 3.7 but still. This time, the demo is running on Firefox 4 Beta 3 – but still there are no promises that it will get into the final release.

It’s pretty impressive though. It’s not just multitouch for the browser’s UI – the demo from the video below is actually an ordinary web page (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and all) and can do pinch zoom and a couple of other tricks.

This probably won’t be very big on the desktop, but it would be great for tablets. Or maybe, dare I say it, for Firefox for MeeGo phones. Check out this next video too – it shows off some eye candy. It would probably quite a while before we see multitouch used in web page interfaces though (or maybe Flickr and the like will adopt it quickly?).

If you want to try it out, you’ll need the proper hardware running Windows 7.



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