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Firefox 29 released, brings a new interface design

Mozilla has released version 29 of their desktop and mobile browser. But while the mobile browser only gets a few new features, the desktop version get a completely revamped interface.

Firefox for desktop interface features a new tab bar that looks like the one on Google Chrome, with its pyramid shaped tab structure. One interesting design feature is the way background tabs just blend with the background until you highlight them.

Mozilla continues to use separate address and search bars but on the right now is a new menu button design, again similar to the drop down menu on the Chrome. You find a few options there by default but you can also drag additional items there for quick access.

Firefox Sync has been given more prominence in this update, and it’s now easier to sync your bookmarks, history and saved passwords across devices.

On the mobile side, you don’t get a new interface, but you do get the new Firefox Sync feature for syncing all your stuff with Firefox on desktop and other mobile devices. You can now also get search suggestions from Bing, if you set it as your default search engine. The browser also adds multiple quick share buttons.

You can download Firefox for desktop and mobile from the links below.



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