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Final Fantasy VI to hit Android and iOS this fall

Square Enix’s director and producer Takashi Tokita confirmed the popular Final Fantasy VI will be launching on Android and iOS this fall. The game won’t be just a port though, Square Enix will make a few changes including a visual facelift.

Final Fantasy VI will launch after the Final Fantasy IV: The After Years expansion is released later this year.

What’s interesting about the upcoming FFVI is there will be changes on the leveling up, grinding and the battle system. Now gamers will be able to just enjoy the story without leveling up getting in the way of their progress. It will still be important, of course, but you won’t have to spend hours or days doing just that.

Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and DIMENSIONS are already available for purchase in the Android’s Play Store and Apple’s AppStore. Takashi Tokita also mentioned he’d like to work on Final Fantasy VII one day, so here is hoping.

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