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Ferrari by Logic3 P200 over-ear headphones review

At a first glance, the Ferrari by Logic3 P200 over-ear headphones are nothing like the manufacturer’s S100i which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Unlike the small, sleek-looking S100i in-ear offering, the P200 are as large and imposing a pair of headphones, as they get.

Like the in-ear S100i headset, the Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones are part of the manufacturer’s Scuderia collection. The headset’s design is inspired by Ferrari’s rich racing heritage – it is modeled after the headphones worn by the car maker’s F1 team members in the pits during a race. Hit the break to find out what it’s like to live with them on a daily basis!

Retail package

The Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones feature one of the best appointed retail packages I’ve ever encountered. Inside the large box, you will find a faux carbon fiber carrying case with Ferrari logo, three audio cables (an iOS device friendly one, a single button one, and one without microphone), a 6.3mm adaptor, and an Airplane adaptor. To top things off, there’s a bright red certificate of authenticity too.

The retail package is impressive

There’s nothing missing in the headphones’ retail box. Even the pickiest user will likely be satisfied by a sight like the one in the photos above.

Design and build quality

The looks of the Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones are nothing short of memorable. Like I mentioned above, the headphones are designed like the headsets worn by the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team members during a race, so there’s a true sense of occasion every time you put them on – especially if you are a motorsports fan.

Ferrari by Logic3 P200 live photos

The headphones are finished in carbon fiber textures and glossy polycarbonate. Thick, open metal arms give a sense that you are holding a serious audio tool, not a fashion accessory. Naturally, there’s a multitude of Scuderia Ferrari logos placed on the headset to remind you that you are sporting an officially licensed product.

The Ferrari by Logic3 P200 are available in two colors – black and red. The latter look slightly more imposing though, considering the headset’s sheer size, you’re likely to command just as much attention with the black model which I tested.

Build quality leaves nothing to be desired. The P200 headphones feel solid, thanks to the high quality materials used in their making. The 3.5mm cable is also impressive with woven fabric trim and aluminum finish on both ends.


The Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones are quite large so, expectedly, their weight tipped the scale at a hefty 380 grams. The massive weight and the bulky proportions clearly suggest that the P200 are not intended to be taken out for a walk.

Desktop duties, as well as travel companionship suit the P200 much better. Even in those cases however, the weight of the headset doesn’t allow for prolonged use, despite their ultra-soft, breathable ear pads. I found myself taking a break after a couple of hours of wearing the headset.

The cable of the headphones is tangle-free, as expected. There’s nothing to frown at on this instance.


The Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones are equipped with a massive 50mm audio driver whose frequency response ranges between 20 and 20,000Hz. Impedance and speaker sensitivity are 32 Ohms and 110dB respectively.

Unlike the Ferrari by Logic3 S100i in-ear model whose sonic capabilities left me with mixed feelings, the P200 delivered impressive sound across the range. Thanks to its large sound driver, the headset put out powerful, distortion-free tunes even at the highest volume level at neutral EQ settings.

Only when I played around with the EQ settings to accentuate the bass did the sonic experience suffer slightly. Then, I found the lows eating into the rest of the range at high volume.

Audio quality during phone calls was good – nothing to complain about on this instance.

Final words

Just like the iconic cars whose brand they sport, the Ferrari by Logic3 P200 headphones are not for everyone. The over-ear headset is a niche product which lacks the versatility of some of its competitors in the range which its $249.99 price tag puts it.

If you are a Ferrari fan however, or a motorsports buff in general, with adequate budget, looking for over-ear headphones to showcase your passion, the Ferrari by Logic3 P200 can be a great fit. The headphones offer plenty of character and great sound, so long as you can live with their ergonomic limitations.

You can grab the headset directly from the company’s web store over here. If you are after a more memorable shopping experience, you can stop by a Ferrari showroom – the headphones are sold there alongside the Italian supercars.


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