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Fall Xbox 360 update now available, the pirates keep away

The new Xbox 360 update is rolling out throughout all Live-enabled regions. It adds support for the upcoming Kinect controller, brings some new Dashboard looks and features Zune integration, better Avatars, improved music, better parental controls, improved voice chat quality and easier gamertag creation process.

Sounds good, right? Not if you are a game pirate.

The new dashboard, which many people call the Kinect Dashboard, brings some updates of the handling of pirated software.

Everyone with a flashed DVD drive with LT firmware should be aware of this:

There is a new security check on the games (currently working only with Fable III), which will flag your console for ban if not passed. In case you’re flagged, you will be banned within the next ban wave (both your console and online accounts).

According to one of the LT firmware hackers, it’s safe to update, even if you have a hacked DVD drive, but only if you plan on playing only original games from now on. Only new games like Fable III support the security checks so older pirated titles are actually ok to play even under the new Dashboard version.

Anyway if you have gone that way, you already know what you’ve signed for.

You can update your Dashboard right now, just log in into Live. If you don’t update, you will lose all Xbox Live functionality.


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