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Facebook’s Moments is a new mobile app that lets you sync photos from events with your friends

Facebook has released a new mobile app today. It’s called Moments and it’s already available for iOS and Android, at least in the US. The idea behind it is simple. At many events such as weddings, but also smaller gatherings like nights out, many people take photos – but you don’t have an easy way to share these with the people who participated.

Moments privately syncs photos you and your friends have taken in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t make any of the images public on Facebook, but it does give you a way to easily give specific friends your photos from an event, while at the same time receiving theirs. So after using Moments you’ll all have all the captures you snapped together.

On your phone, the app groups photos based on when they were taken and which friends are in them. It uses the same facial recognition technology that Facebook employs for tag suggestions to identify your friends in your pics. Moments keeps images organized and allows you to search for those you or certain friends of yours are in.



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