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Facebook testing a Phone app to take on Truecaller

Facebook’s strategy for the mobile apps is full of surprises. With free Voice Calls in the Messenger app, the company decided to compete with the likes of Skype. Now it is testing out a diaper app called Phone to compete with the likes of Truecaller.

A random trial message showing up in the Facebook app for Android talks about installing a Phone app meant for Facebook only. This app will show information about who is calling and will automatically block calls from most commonly blocked number.

Many may find it confusing why Facebook is testing out an app called Phone to confuse the Android users, but it comes with a hidden agenda. It is quite evident that Facebook will make use of your social data to tell the Facebook app users whether the caller is an authentic and real person or just another scam caller.

In a way, Facebook is slowly trying to take on the evidently popular app – Truecaller which offers similar functionality and some more.



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