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Facebook introduces Timeline, Music and a whole bunch of other things

It was a big day for Facebook yesterday as they announced a raft of new features for the world’s most popular social networking website. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced all these new features at the Facebook f8 keynote yesterday, which included stuff like the new Timeline view and integration with music and video services, among other things.

Let’s start with Timeline. Timeline will be your new Facebook profile page but instead of just showing your latest posts and info it will show your ‘stories’ as Facebook likes to call them, that will stay there regardless of the new content coming in. You can choose what content is visible in the Timeline and who can view it. It can have your posts, images, videos, apps, etc., all in one place that will help people learn more about you as a person. And there will be a timeline that users can go through to see your stories from that particular period of time. Whether you see it as a great new way to share your information with others or a scary new way for stalkers and other unwanted people to access your information is for you to decide.

Another new addition is Facebook Music. This isn’t a new music service however, but one that relies on existing services such as Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, etc. to share with others the music you are listening to and to find out what your friends are listening to right now, which is basically what Ping was, or is (I keep forgetting that it’s still active).

This is not just limited to music. Facebook has also partnered with Netflix and Hulu, so you can share and watch movies and TV shows on Facebook itself.

Lastly, there are also some new verbs added for the grammar nazis among us. Find yourself cringing at the overuse of the word ‘Like’ on Facebook? Well, now you can be ‘Reading’ a book, ‘Watching’ a movie, ‘Listening’ to a song, etc. Developers of apps are now free to pair any verb with any noun and are no longer restricted to just make you ‘Like’ stuff.

All the new features mentioned here except for Timeline are now available to users. Timeline is currently in beta and restricted to developers but will be available to others in a few weeks.

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