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Facebook introduces standalone Groups app for iOS and Android

This year Facebook has pushed its Messenger app for mobile more than ever, even forcing people to use only that for messaging one another. And now the social network has announced a new standalone mobile app that focuses on one single aspect of your Facebook experience. In this case, we’re talking about Groups.

The new Facebook Groups app is already available in both the iTunes App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

It wants to make using Facebook Groups simpler, helping you share stuff faster and providing easier access to this functionality. The app shows groups sorted by frequency of use, and you can easily start a new group if you want. Notifications for groups are shown inside the app too, and you can also control which notifications you want to see.

There’s a Discover tab as well, which shows group suggestions based on Pages you’ve liked in the past, groups your friends are in, and even where you live.

Unlike what happened with Messenger, you’ll still be able to use the Groups functionality inside the main Facebook app for iOS and Android, as well as on the desktop. For now, this new app acts just as an alternative way of getting to Facebook Groups.



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