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EXOvault EXO18 luxury case for iPhone 5s review

The EXOvault EXO18 case for the iPhone 5s is aimed at users who find the look of their already high-end smartphone a tad too common. The cover is made using exotic materials which include aluminum, brass, nickel, rosewood, ebony, and ziricote wood.

EXOvault accessories are handcrafted in low volume by a small team of artists in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Being manufactured in New York’s trendiest neighborhood undeniably adds an extra layer of cool to the EXOvault products, so hit past the break to find out what it’s like to have an iPhone 5s in one of them!

I had the chance to spend quality time with an EXOvault EXO18 crafted from Pau Ferro (a rosewood varietal) with silver metal accents. The case features a blend of phenolic resin composite core, wood veneer, and metal accents.

The EXOvault EXO18 case looks good in the flesh. The combination of wood and metal give the cover a trendy, yet classic look. In short, an iPhone 5s dressed in the case will be able to fit effortlessly in both a classic study or a popular nightspot.

EXOvault EXO18 case for iPhone 5s live photos

The wood veneer used in the case also guarantees its unique looks, as no two pieces of it are alike. Users who want to add an extra touch of individuality can do so by ordering a custom engraving on their case for an additional cost.

The EXOvault EXO18 case consists of two separate pieces which are assembled around the iPhone 5s with four high-quality screws. Two spare ones and a screwdriver are included in the retail package.

As far as protecting your iPhone 5s goes, the EXOvault EXO18 is up to the task despite it luxurious aura. All the edges of Apple’s smartphone are covered, so it is all but certain to be able to survive an accidental drop.

Due to the exotic materials used in the making of the case however, users should be careful when dropping their device in order to keep the EXOvault EXO18 itself from damage. EXOvault have taken the matter into consideration and offer a reasonably priced (considering the case’s cost) repair service. The latter includes offering a complete replacement at half price in case your case gets completely totaled.

Ergonomics are well-covered. The EXOvault EXO18 case offers unobstructed access to all buttons and ports of the iPhone 5s, including the fingerprint sensor. There’s even a dedicated cutout for easily launching the iOS 7 Control Center.

Wrap up

The EXOvault EXO18 case for the iPhone 5s is a bona fide luxury item. The cover’s makers have no intention for it to reach a wide audience of users – such a thing would kill the small volume/high individuality philosophy behind it.

Users with the budget and the taste for the EXOvault EXO18 case however, will have their iPhone 5s wrapped in a distinctly-looking, beautifully crafted case. It is certain to take the smartphone further upmarket while bringing the high-level of individuality its price tag demands.

Pricing of the EXOvault EXO18 case for iPhone 5s kicks off at $185 for a metal/composite version. Cases with wood veneer will set you back $240 and up, while custom engraving costs additional $40. You can see all available options on the company’s online store over here.


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