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Everyone is a developer with Android App Inventor

Android App Inventor lets you create Android apps without any programming knowledge. You can create a basic interactive app in no time with the new Google tools and even easily upload it to Android Market.

Android App Inventor provides access to GPS, SMS/MMS and web functions allowing you to make use of a phone’s full potential. If you’re a web developer, making a web-connected native application with the new tool should be a breeze.

Here is a video showing the App Inventor in action.

Google wants to make Android Market closer to the end users and allow them to create and publish own apps. The bright side is the Market will grow faster, but we hope with publishing basic apps made so easy, the Market won’t turn into a pile of useless, bad looking apps much like the early days of the internet self-publishing.

You can learn more about Android App Inventor here and get started creating your apps.


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