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Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition for iPhone 5s review

As its name suggests, this particular version of the Element Case Sector 5 for iPhone 5s features the increasingly fashionable and lightweight carbon fiber. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Element Case offering is part of a small club of iPhone accessories, whose design and finish sit on par with those of Apple’s latest smartphone.

Founded in California back in 2007, Element Case is established as one of the premier makers of high-end protective covers for smartphones. This year, the company announced a partnership with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati which will see a dedicated collection of its cases be sold alongside the legendary bikes.

The Sector 5 Carbon Edition case for iPhone 5s features multi-link perimeter frame made of CNC machined aluminum with anodized finish. The back plate of the case is made of aerospace grade carbon fiber. An optional strip from the same material is available to apply on the side of the iPhone.

Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition live photos

The Sector 5 looks memorable in the flesh. Its distinctive design and quality finish add huge dash of premium character to the already upmarket iPhone 5s. The attention to detail across the entire case is impressive – from the Element Case logo on its side all the way to the screws which hold it together.

There are three different color schemes available for the metal frame of the Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition – black, silver, and gunmetal. Additionally, the premium case is available in a number of different color/material combinations, including gold, and a stealthy Black Ops line.

A quick look at Sector 5 Black Ops

There’s also the option to design your own Sector 5 case via the Element Case Design Studio. The latter allows you to pick the color of every detail of the case, including the screws which hold it together.

Unsurprisingly, alongside the premium looks, the Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition offers superb tactile experience. Metal and carbon fiber feel nice to touch, and complement the finish of the iPhone 5s.

The Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition does a fine job of protecting your iPhone 5s from accidental drops and scratches. All edges of the devices are fully covered, while a bundled high-quality screen protector is in charge of guarding the device’s display from mishaps.

In order to keep both the Sector 5 and the iPhone 5s even further from any accidents, Element Case has bundled its creation with its own protection case. It zips around the handset and comes quite handy during more extreme outdoor activities.

A dedicated case for your Sector 5

The Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition is easy to assemble. It comes with a dedicated tool for removing the screws (a couple of extra ones are included), as well as a spare link. It is not recommended to lose the tool, as without it, you will not be able to remove the case if necessary.

The case comes with a dedicated assembly tool

Weight of the case is reasonable considering its metal build. All buttons and ports of the iPhone 5s are easy to access.

The most impressive part about the ergonomics of the Sector 5 is the lack of any interference with the signal reception of the iPhone 5s despite its metal build (most metal covers tend to affect the device to some extent). I’ve been carrying the case over the past couple of weeks, which included a CES trip and extensive use of the iPhone 5s as a portable hotspot, and saw no signal hiccups.

Final word

The Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition for the iPhone 5s is everything a premium cover should be. Superbly designed and crafted, the case adds visual character in spades to the smartphone without affecting its functionality and ergonomics. Therefore, I highly recommend the Sector 5 to anyone with the budget to pick one up.

The Element Case Sector 5 is priced at $159.99 for the Carbon Fiber version in the manufacturer’s online store. Non-carbon fiber or customizable versions of the case start at $139.99. You can check out the entire Sector 5 collection over here.


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