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Element Case Ronin II Cocobolo for iPhone 5s review

The Element Case Ronin II collection sits on top of the manufacturer’s range of Apple iPhone 5s accessories. Crated in the United States, cases from the product lineup feature high-end materials like aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, as well as various exotic woods.

Based in San Carlos, California, not far from Apple’s own Cupertino campus, Element Case has been crafting iPhone cases since the introduction of the original back in 2007. The company is part of the small club of iPhone case makers whose products’ finish matches that of the Apple iPhone.

As its name suggests, the Ronin II Cocobolo by Element Case is made using cocobolo wood which grows in Central America and is known-for its reddish color. The rest of the case’s construction consists of a duo of aluminum crowns, as well as a back plate in cinnamon suede or brown leather.

Element Case Ronin II Cocobolo live photos

Additionally, the retail package of the case includes a great-looking Quick Draw Sleeve, a quality screen protector, and a tool for installing the case. All contents are neatly packaged into a nicely-looking box which delivers a sense of occasion to open.

The Element Case Ronin II Cocobolo is a truly eye-grabbing item in the flesh. The natural materials and level of craftsmanship combine to make the case a luxury item worthy of its price tag in both looks and tactility.

The cocobolo-clad Element Case offering does a good job of keeping the iPhone intact from light drops and scratches. The case covers all edges of the device, while the bundled screen protector protects the display from life’s mishaps.

However, as is the case with all luxury accessories, the Ronin II itself could suffer in case of a serious drop. Thankfully, Element Case has a refurbishing program in place which can address such issues.

Ergonomics of the Ronin II are excellent. The case adds to the dimensions of the iPhone 5s, yet it doesn’t ruin its one-hand usability.

All the handset’s covered buttons have retained their tactility. Both the Lightning port and the 3.5mm audio jack are easy to access.

Most importantly, the Ronin II case does not interfere with the signal reception of the iPhone 5s. The cover’s metal elements have been implemented in a way which does not meddle with the device’s antennas.

Final word

The Element Case Ronin II Cocobolo does everything a premium smartphone accessory should do. It helps the iPhone 5s stand out from among its peers without compromising its ergonomics. The case is easily one of the best luxury offerings for the iPhone 5s and I highly recommend it to anyone who can afford it.

Speaking of buying, at $199.99 the Ronin II Cocobolo is hardly in impulsive buy territory. However, cheaper iPhone cases do not come close to Element Case’s offering in terms of design, materials, or craftsmanship.

You can check out the entire Element Case Ronin II collection over here.


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