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Element Case Atom and Eclipse cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

The California-based designer and manufacturer of smartphone and tablet accessories Element Case recently released a duo of premium covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Dubbed Atom and Eclipse, the cases feature quality materials and a Sound Boost System which notably improves the multimedia experience delivered by the Korean smartphone flagship.

With a primary focus on Apple smartphones, Element Case has established a reputation for making some of the highest quality protective cases money can buy, using only premium materials such as metal, carbon fiber, and wood. Read on to find out about the company’s latest Samsung Galaxy S4 offerings!

Atom S4 case

The Element Case Atom S4 cover is the “entry-level” member of the duo. The case features a rugged design and high-impact TPU chassis with polycarbonate reinforced corners. Its back is adorned by a carbon fiber protective plate which adds a good deal of character to the case too.

Element Case Atom S4 live photos

The Element Case Atom S4 looks and feels great in the flesh. The overall quality and finish of the cover leave absolutely no doubt that you have an premium product on your hands.

The Atom S4 case offers superb protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4. All the handset’s edges are covered, so accidental drops are certain to be handled with ease.

Ergonomics are superb. The Atom S4 case has a nice, soft-feel finish which, combined with its construction makes it feel reassuring to handle even with one hand. A lanyard included in the retail package will help those who need some extra assurance in this department.

The Galaxy S4’s side buttons are easy to access despite being covered by the case. Curiously, their sensitivity remained practically unchanged.

Eclipse S4 case

The Element Case Eclipse cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the more upmarket proposition in comparison to the Atom S4. The case consists of two elements – an aircraft grade aluminum bezel and TPU main body which features a kickstand and carbon fiber enforced back cover.

Element Case Eclipse S4 live photos

The Element Case Eclipse transforms the Samsung Galaxy S4 look and feel in a truly dramatic fashion. Combined together, the aluminum bezel and the carbon fiber clad back of the Eclipse give the Samsung smartphone flagship the upmarket look its hardware truly deserves.

The kickstand of the Eclipse case adds an extra dimension to its usability compared to the Atom S4. It is made from polycarbonate, so it looks and feels reassuringly solid and able to withstand long-term usage.

The kickstand of the Eclipse S4 case

The level of protection which the Eclipse case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers is unsurprisingly high. Like in the case of the Atom cover, the Eclipse has all the edges of the smartphone under wraps, so accidental drops are not going to be a problem. A lanyard is included in the retail package too.

The side buttons of the smartphone are completely covered by the TPU main body element of the Eclipse case. As a result, their sensitivity took a slight hit, though I found myself getting used to the “new” feel of the buttons after a couple of days of use.

Sound Boost System (SBS)

Both Element Case offerings for the Samsung Galaxy S4 feature a Sound Boost System (SBS) whose patent is pending. The SBS feature is undoubtedly one of the strongest selling points for both covers as it successfully addresses one of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s weak spots – the placement of its speaker.

The SBS feature is a revelation

The way SBS works is as simple as it is effective. By design, the Element Case Atom and Eclipse cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 channel the sound waves from the device’s speaker on the back to the front, thus effectively creating the impression that the Galaxy S4 has had its speaker relocated.

The real-life experience with SBS is truly memorable. Gaming and gobbling up video content can finally be enjoyed on the Galaxy S4 without any compromise. Gaming is particularly improved, as without the case on, the smartphone’s speaker gets constantly silenced when holding the handset in landscape mode.


As far as premium cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 go, the Element Case Atom and Eclipse duo must be on the shopping list of everyone who has the budget for the Californian manufacture’s offerings. Priced at $54.95 for the Atom, and $79.95 for the Eclipse, the duo of cases can hardly pass as cheap or mass market. However, considering the improved Galaxy S4 functionality they deliver, as well as the better tactile feel of the smartphone thanks to the high-end materials, I believe that the Element Case offerings are worth the investment.

You can order the Element Case Atom and Eclipse for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a variety of colors from the manufacturer’s online store over here.


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