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eBay makes its barcode reader app for Google Glass

eBay’s barcode scanning software, RedLaser, is now branching out from just Android and iOS.

It’ll now be available for Google Glass as well, so you’ll be able to take a look at products in the store and see if you can find them cheaper on eBay, just at a glance.

What’s more is that the app won’t just show you results from eBay’s site; it’ll also show your products from nearby physical retailers, potentially saving you some cash should your wanted wares be cheaper elsewhere. The app will also provide you with directions to the store that offers the same product at a better price, along with related items that correlate to whatever you searched for.

This begs the question though: is it that much easier to use Google Glass to scan barcodes than using your smartphone? It probably isn’t, but it seems like Glass was created for the sole purpose of conducting Terminator-esque searches on your surroundings; barcodes included.

In the end though, if you see something with your Google Glass RedLaser app, you’ll still have to use your phone to complete the transaction. The app sends an email to you, and then you’ll need to confirm the purchase from your Android or iOS device.

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