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Dryft keyboard for tablets makes typing easier by tracking your fingers

A new keyboard interface designed for tablets aims to let you type easier and quicker by automatically repositioning the keyboard under your fingers, wherever they may be on the screen.

This is helpful because you no longer have to locate the row of buttons where you usually rest your fingers on traditional hardware keyboards, allowing you to type more intuitively.

As an added bonus, Dryft lets you rest your hands on the screen as well, without registering additional button presses. Check out this quick video for a full rundown of the features:

Because Dryft relies on additional accelerometer support to detect if your fingers are merely resting on the screen or actually typing something, it requires low-level access to system data. This means that you likely won’t see it as a standalone app, but instead will likely have to be licensed to various mobile OS’s.

Dryft inventor Randy Mardsen, co-founder of Swype, hopes to license it to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as enable developers to integrate it into their apps via the a Dryft SDK.

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