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Dropcam Pro goes official, brings a new Android app

Dropcam has officially announced its new streaming camera device, dubbed Pro. Dropcam Pro is said to be brighter than before and the newest spy cam comes with superior hardware than its predecessor.

The new Dropcam promises enhanced image quality and brings an Android app to go with the already existing iOS app, expanding the reach of the device quite significantly.

Dropcam Pro has a larger image sensor than the previous edition and its new new lens is said to offer 7 times better low-light performance and wider, 130 degrees viewing angle.The camera also features dual-band Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth LE.

Our colleagues over at Slashgear have already managed to get their hands on the Dropcam Pro. You can check its hands-on video below:

Dropcam Pro comes with a price tag of $199 and will be available in the stores, starting today. If you plan to make use of the cloud video recording, then the service will cost you $9.95 for 7 days or $29.95 for a period of 30 days.



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