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Dolphin browser now on iPhone – lacks Flash though

The Dolphin browser is among the most popular mobile browsers out there and now it’s available on the iPhone. If offers a special finger-drawn gestures feature so that you can easily and quickly go to a specified page (your blog, Google, Facebook, etc.), scroll up or down, and more.

The gesture system offers you preset gestures (hand-drawn – like letters, numbers, symbols, etc.) or you can opt to create custom ones. Creating your own custom gestures, however, is a bit dodgy as the browser mistakes what you’re drawing to be something only remotely similar to it and would make you erase the preset, instead of creating a new gesture.

Anyway it mostly works great and contrary to prior expectations is very useful indeed.

You also get Webzine, which is works like the iOS 5 Reader and others – it strips pages of all the ads and unnecessary content from a page you’re viewing and gives you only the text and images for easier, more concentrated browsing. One-click webpage sharing to Twitter or Facebook works great too, you get a Speed Dial (Opera called…), tabbed browsing, hidden swipe-out menus and a very handy mobile/desktop switching agent for the pages you’re viewing.

Here’s a short video, demonstrating what the Dolphin Browser can do.

The app is free and just about 3MB for download. Get yours from your iPhones or this link here.



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