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Desktop and Metro to play nice in upcoming Windows 8.1 update

Thanks to some images that popped up over in Russian leakster WZor we get a glimpse of what Microsoft is working on for the first update to Windows 8.1.

In said leaked shots we see metro apps (in this case the Store) pinned on the taskbar in Windows 8.1 update 1 Desktop mode. An option dubbed ‘Show Store apps on the taskbar’ seems the likely culprit here – pictures after the break.

Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows 9 in April at its Build 2014 developer conference and the new OS is rumored to bring metro apps running on the desktop by way of separate windows.

Windows 8.1 Pro screenshots

And while all of these changes will greatly improve the communication between the Metro and Desktop environments of Windows, there’s a fair share of purists criticizing Redmond for splitting up Windows in such a way. Many are also clinging to Windows 7 as their last non-touch, non-Metro OS with great productivity and a functional Start Menu.

Let’s see where Microsoft takes Windows with this latest update – maybe it’ll be enough to entice a few more users into the Windows 8 camp.

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