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CyanogenMod to launch its own application store, to feature apps removed from the Android Market

CyanogenMod is working on releasing their very own application store for Android. The idea was originally by one of CyanogenMod team members Koushik Dutta, who wanted to create an application store that would host applications that were removed from Android Market for some reason. This would include stuff like one click root apps, game emulators, tether apps, visual voicemail apps, etc. Although Google’s Market is open, some of these apps do get removed from time to time when they don’t meet Google’s or the carrier’s terms and conditions.

The other reason to have their own application store is so that they could use a small portion of the money coming in from app sales to fund the CyanogenMod project, which has been made available to users for no cost at all.

Dutta admitted to having approached Amazon to bundle their Appstore within CyanogenMod if the CM team got a cut from the app sales but the idea was shot down by Amazon.

Dutta also mentioned that the CyanogenMod store won’t just be available to those running CyanogenMod ROM on their devices but for others too.

What you see below is an app submission page for the store, which is still under development, using Twitter’s Bootstrap.



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